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Ghent / Belgium

Born in 1992

Anneleen Swillen received her Masters’ degree in Object & Jewellery in 2014 (PXL – MAD, Hasselt).

The following year, she completed the postgraduate Exhibition and Management of Contemporary Art (Tebeac, School of Arts, Ghent).

Since October 2015 she is working on a PhD research entitled ‘Presentation as creation’ at the University of Hasselt and PXL – MAD, Hasselt. In her research, Anneleen will explore the expressive potential roles of presentation techniques in the design process of visual art.

Thereby she wants to develop a framework for thinking about presentation as a way of developing new meanings and significance, based on visual artistic work wherein both concepts of creation and presentation overlap and even coincide in autonomous units.

Anneleen is active as a designer and curator, both in Belgium and abroad. Her work has been exhibited in various exhibitions and is represented by gallery Beyond Fashion in Antwerp, where she had her first solo show in 2014 (‘CONTAINERS in context’).

Currently she is working as a Toegepast 20 laureate on a new project entitled ‘Exercises in staging objects. Part 1: tools for thought’, wherein she is inspired by jewellery displays and will explore their artistic potential through photography and sculpture. Beside, Anneleen is one of the members and cofounder of No Performance Please., a curatorial research collective concerning performativity in the visual arts and the impossibility of excluding performances.

Facebook: ‘Anneleen Swillen Research & Design’ and ‘No Performance Please.’

Photo: Anneleen Swillen for Toegepast 20 © Lara Gasparotto.



Art Galleries


  • Postgraduate Tebeac (Exhibition and Management of Contemporary Art), School of Arts, Ghent, Belgium

  • Master Object & Jewellery Design, PXL – MAD, Hasselt, Belgium

  • Bachelor Object & Jewellery Design, PXL – MAD, Hasselt, Belgium

    • CONTAINERS in context, Beyond Fashion, Antwerp, Belgium, 4.12.2014 – 24.01.2015 (solo expo)
    • Fifteen years of jewelry, Beyond Fashion, Antwerp, Belgium, 3.12.2015 – 23.01.2016
    • Looking for the in-between, Toegepast 20, Cultuurplatform Design, Z33, Hasselt, Belgium, 21.11.2015 – 6.03.2016
    • Transmission, Studio 411 Gallery, Montpellier, France, 20.10 – 12.12
    • David Huycke & students: best of 10 years MAD – Faculty, Deutsches
    • Goldschmiedehaus, Hanau, Germany, 4.10.2015 – 17.01.2016
    • Pheromone, Ah-won gallery, Seoul, South-korea, 8.07 – 17.07
    • Wearables for the Home, Beyond Fashion, Antwerp, Belgium, 30.04 – 27.06
    • The best of, Beyond Fashion, Antwerp, Belgium, 12.03 – 25.04
    • Talente 2015, during the International Trade Fair for the Skilled Trades, Munich, Germany, 11.03 – 17.03
    • W/O – We are the next generation, Week van het Ontwerpen, BUDAfabriek, Kortrijk, Belgium, 17.10 – 26.10
    • Marzee Graduate Show, Galerie Marzee, Nijmegen, The Netherlands, 17.08 – 26.10
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    • J-Lines with Gésine Hackenberg, PXL – MAD, Hasselt, Belgium
    • Attraction/Repulsion with Märta Mattson, PXL – MAD, Hasselt, Belgium
    • Connecting Identities, a collaboration project with the BA of Central Saint Martins
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    • Extra City Kunsthal, Antwerp, Belgium, 2.02 – 27.02
    • Galerie Marzee, Nijmegen, The Netherlands, 1.07 – 31.08