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Waasmunster / Belgium

Born in 1959

I entered the discipline of gold and silversmithing 9 years ago under the guidance of Salima Thakker,Jorge Manilla and graduated under Peter Vermandere.

My interest in Japan, Japanese architecture and geometry provided me with the inspiration to create objects that can be jewellery or jewellery that can be an object.

I aim to respect the materials I work with, mostly wood and silver and leave them as unaltered as possible.

 I am inspired by geometry and architecture. I want to master the rough and natural material, which is wood, to strive for a form of simplicity or a simple form whilst not forgetting its natural shape.  For me, this embodies the harmonious relationship between the material and its possessor.

I want to offer the wood, often combined with silver, a new destination in a new context (in a space or on a body).

The creation process is a constant search for the most effective destination where portability does not have to be imperative. Thus my work becomes multifunctional and “the user” can give it the destiny he or she prefers.



Art Galleries


  • Rhok Academy, Master in art jewellery (Peter Vermandere), Brussels, Belgium

  • Rhok Academy,Bachelor in art jewellery (Jorge Manilla, Peter Vermandere), Brussels, Belgium


    • “Tokyo Art Fair”, Shibuya Tokyo,Japan
    • “ Kaleidoscope “ : Rhok Brussels , Belgium
    • “ Modo 2015 “ MAD Brussels ,mode parcours 2015,gallery Els Vansteelandt-Sohie Heirman   ,Belgium
    • “ Moku ” :  Gallery Ingrid Adriaenssens Ghent, Belgium
  • “Little Treasures”  TIA  Trevisan International Art Exhibition, Bologna Italy

    • “De Invasie “ ,Antwerp, Belgium
    • “ Belgisch bei Bengel “ : Villa bengel ,Idar-Oberstein, Germany
    • “ Adansonia Digitata “ :  Schmuck , Munich, Germany
    • “ Patroon ” :  Wim Ibens prijs (catalogue) ,Sterckhofs Silvermuseum  Antwerp, Belgium
    • “ This is not diamond ” :  private  gallery Brussels, Belgium
    • Idar Oberstein International Summer Academie :  Photography (Manuel Ocana )
    • Idar Oberstein International Summer Academie :  Casting (Peter vermandere)