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Brussels / Belgium

Born in 1959

« If we may be so bold: the sharp edge of sensitivity on the one hand, the very subtle construction on the other. All of it in a sort of perpetually threatened emotion. »
JM. H. 1993

« Claire Lavendhomme plays with ‘philosophical’ notions of life by using form in an almost statistical way. Neutral form reveals something subtle, vibrant, poetic, mysterious…”
FS. 2014

When is a jewel beautiful, what does it mean?
What is woven within the notion of beauty.
What do aesthetics underlie ?
I think for me, the beautiful, is to say while
Like a kind of modesty, of veiling.

The search for beauty allows for a questioning which does not require an unequivocal answer.
For my jewelry I like appeal to the senses…to the sensations .

The jewel as vehicle of intimacy, color, poetry, void, sensuality, emotion, link, silence, sensitivity, hatred, love, cries, life, death, speech, laughter, art, …



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    • Aknowledgement of 5 years of relevant experience in jewellery (French Community of Belgium). Equivalent to a graduate degree (contemporary jewelery)
    • Workshop « point of no return » C. zellweger “
    • Graduate at the Institute of Applied Arts and Crafts, Brussels (jewellery)
    • Graduate at the Academy of Fine Arts of Arlon (Contemporary jewellery, Th. Bontridder)
    • Training course in synthetic materials (Philippe Michel Lipô, sculptor), Brussels
    • Training course in the symbol and the metaphor in the jewel (R. Puig Cuyas)
    • Self-educated person in jewellery (1982-1996)
    • Invitée par le Musée des Arts et du Design de New York« Multiple Exposures : Jewelry and Photography Loan(s) ». New York. (USA)
    • “European Triennal of Contemporary jewelry” jewelry. With Italiy an finland. Etable des anciens abattoirs de Mons. (B)
    • “Collect” Saatchi Gallery(avec WCC-bf gallery). Londres. (UK)
    • Vente aux enchères “Le bijou mis à prix” chez Drouot. Paris (F)
    • “Carte blanche à Henriette Michaux”, Etable des anciens Abattoirs de Mons. (B)
    • “suspend-ed in pink”, V&V gallery. Vienna. (A)
    • “Transformation 8: Contemporary Works in Small Metal”,  The Leigh Yawkey Art Museum. Wassau. (USA)
    • “La Frontera”:Art Gallery at Indiana Univerity. Komoko. (USA)
    • “Passage” (jewellery and other), Sabine Herman Gallery. Bruxelles. (B).
    • “La Frontera”- Franz Mayer Museum. Mexico city. (M)
    • “La Frontera”- Velvet Da Vinci. San Fransisco. (USA)
    • “Tweex 2”. Vander A Gallery. Bruxelles.(B)
    • “Bijou d’auteur” Centre Wallonie-Bruxelles de Parisdans le cadre du “circuit bijoux”. Paris. (F)
    • “Suspend.ed in pink”- The Atrium-School of jewellery. Birmingham. (UK)
    • “Suspend.ed in pink”- Gabi Green Studio. Munich. (D)
    • “Suspend.ed in pink”- Heidi Lowe Gallery. Delaware. (USA)
    • “Suspend.ed in pink”- Viaduc des Arts. Paris. (F)
    • “Transformation 8: Contemporary Works in Small Metal”, Arkensas Art Center. (USA)
    • “Embrasser/ambras”, Designcenter DeWinkelhaak. Antwerp. (B)
    • Schmuck-Show, Golderbergstudios. Munchen. (D)
    • Selected for the “European Prize for Applied Arts”. Anciens abattoirs de Mons.
    • “Jewel book”. Etable des Anciens abattoirs de Mons.
    • “Accès direct 12”. Château de Seneffe. Musée de l’orfèvrerie. Seneffe.
    • “Mises en oeuvre”. Etable des Anciens abattoirs de Mons.(2012)
    • Transformation 8″: Contemporary Works in Small Metals, the Elizabeth R. Raphael Founder’s Prize. Pittsburg (E.U)
    • “Nationa(a)l”. Bruxelles.
    • “Connivences”. Belgium
    • Selected for “European Triennal of contempory Jewely” Edition 2011 (with Deutch, Belgium and Portugal.
    • “Joya”, Barcelone (E)
    • “Mediterranéo” Sélectionnée par associazione gioiello contemporaneo . Museum of Natural History of the Mediterranean. Livorno. Italie
      Ambrif design Arward. “Story telling”. Poland.
      “Eunique”, Karsrhue (D)
      “Exposition à vendre” F. Schmetz & Claire Lavendhomme. Bruxelles (B)
    • Selected for “European Prize for Applied Arts”. Anciens abattoirs de Mons.(B)
    • ” Razkas” Bruxelles(B)
    • « Biennale du design » Liège(B)
    • « Ti 22« Autour du titane, Luxembourg
    • « Eunique »Karlsrhue (D)
    • « Synergie » château Félicien Rops, Mettet (B)
    • « Synergie » château Félicien Rops, Mettet (B)
    • Contemporary jewellery teacher at the Academy of Fine Arts of Arlon.
    • Teacher at the International Summer Academy of Libramont. Jewelry-adornment (with resin, metal, silicone, etc..) 
      • Resin-silicone 
      • Resin-silicone-latex during the European  Triennal of Contemporary jewelry (WCC-bf)
    • In charge of the « nature » training course, Academy of Fine Arts, Arlon
    • In charge of the « portrait- self portrait » training course, Academy of Fine Arts, Arlon
    • Teacher at the International Summer Academy of Libramont. Initiation in jewellery
    • Teacher of fine arts.
  • The contemporary jewel. Art and design index in the French Community of Belgium | Artelier , Contemporary Crafts in Belgium