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Antwerp / Belgium

Born in 1977

I was born, spent my childhood & youth in Israel. A travel in my 20 th year, to the center & south part of the American continent lead to the decision to study the craft of jewellery to fulfil a wish not to arrive again to a place with ‘bare-hands’. Jewellery was the chosen discipline to gain ‘making- hands’, partly since as an object, jewellery is desired everywhere.

The 1 st educational engagement was to enrol to “Shenkar Collage of Engineering & Design” in Tel-Aviv, Israel, for a BA in jewellery design. Which was completed in 2006 with participation in the “Talente” exhibition in Munich, Germany. It was followed by a couple of years of enquiries & contemplations how to broaden my views concerning my chosen discipline. To satisfy this desire The Netherlands was picked as the next destination. This chapter ended with the decision to continue to a 2 nd educational commitment in Idar-Oberstein, Trier University for Science & Applied Art, Germany. It was signed with a MFA in jewellery & (gem) stone. Which was accompanied by a research about the matter of gift. That underlined the complexity of the triangular relationship between the giver-gift-receiver & consequently led to a growing interest in the subject of person-object relationships. & was closed by the Marzee graduation prize for 2015.

Currently I am living, working & collaborating from within & around Antwerp, Belgium.



Art Galleries

Galerie Caroline van Hoek
Galerie Handwerk Koblenz
Galerie Hebert
Galerie Marzee
Gallery Loupe
Villa Bengel


    • MFA at Hochschule Trier, (Trier University of Applied Sciences)
      Campus Idar-Oberstein Edelstein und Schmuckdesign.
  • B.A of arts in “Shenkar” engineer and design college, Tel-Aviv / Israel Majoring in the jewellery design department / Deganit Stern Shocken

    • solo show at Caroline van Hoek Gallery / Brussels / BE
    • Astonish – Group project of current & alumni students from hochschule Idar-Oberstein presenting during “Schmuck” & “Melting Point” Munich / DE & Valencia / ES
    • Staatspreis im Kunsthandwerk Rhienland-Pfalz
      01/09 – 23/10/2016 Galerie Handwerk Koblenz Koblenz & 05/11 – 29/01/2017 Kaiserslautern Kaiserslauten/ DE
    • Gdansk Baltic Amber Biennale Gdansk Amber Museum Gdansk / PL
    • ‘SleepLess’, graduation show at the Villa Bengel Idar-Oberstein / DE
    • Marzee International Graduate Show 2015 Nijmegen / NL
    • Israeli Jewellery Bienalle – ‘Temporary’ Eretz Israel Museum, Tel-Aviv Tel-Aviv / IL
    • “NSAIO5”, group exhibition
      Landesvertretung Rheinland-Pfalz Berlin / DE
    • ‘Mariposa / Papallona / Butterfly ‘
      Group exhibition at Amaranto joies Barcelona / ES
    • ‘Through Sources’ exhibition
      at the Camões-Instituto da Cooperação e da Lingua – Palacete Seixas
      with the “Inyanim Group” Lisbon / PT
    • “What’s in a frame”, group exhibition
      as part of “3 stations” project
      during “Schmuck 2012” Munich / DE
    • group show “LOOK”
      by Gallery Caroline van Hoek during “Schmuck 2011” / Munich / DE
    • Art Jewelry Forum’s “Geography”
      Exhibition at the Society of North American Goldsmiths
      (SNAG) Conference Seattle / Washington, USA
      Sofa Chicago Chicago / Illinos, USA
    • “Expo Le Rough”
      Group exhibition at Galerie Hebert Paris / FR
    • group show “No Problem?”
      at Gallery Loupe with the “Inyanim Group” N.J / USA
    • Israeli Jewellery Bienalle 5 “Sequences & identities”
      at the Eretz Israel Museum Tel-Aviv Tel-Aviv /IL
    • “Gold” Gallery Caroline van Hoek,
      at “Object Rotterdam” Rotterdam / NL
    • group exhibition ” Barocco”
      Baroque pearl Jewerly Exhibition” / Zhuji & Shanghai / CN
    • group show “One pair of cuff-links”
      at Caroline van Hoek Gallery / Brussels / BE
    • group exhibition “Joy” in “Craft and design Center” / Manchester / GB
    • “Talente” exhibition / Munich / DE
    • Gallery Marzee Graduate Prize 2015
    • Talente catalogue; 2006 IHM / DE
    • Weekend KNAAK; Le Vif l’Express nr.35 / BE
    • Art Brussels, magazine 22.04.2010 / BE
    • AJF geography exhibition at the SNAG conference catalogue, 2011