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Idar Oberstein / Germany

Born in 1984

I take great pleasure in transforming my experiences into metaphors, adding a romantic view to those slight details that take place in our daily life.

The word “petium” comes from Latin meaning “fragment found after a shipwreck “. This definition gives way to a parallelism between two images / scenes: By one side, on the shore of the sea the rests of a shipwreck are revealed by the water. The tide acting as a transformation engine, cleaning, drawing from the deep what had been lost, forgotten.

On the other hand my reality: the vortex of the city, the excessive consumerism of humankind, a tornado of discard that spits out the remains of society. Which is my mission? To collect these drags as treasures, like shells on the shore. And then transform them, give them a second chance, a new life, reuse what someone considered worthless and leave in it a trace of myself.

The atmosphere of the surrounding affects me, the focus of my attention differs in every setting, but there is a common denominator: The details. Why to put attention to them? It is the meticulous observation that lets us detect them. It is this sensibility that allows us to capture their essence and then maybe…are the little details that give us support, taste … hope?

The mixture is what fills me. I want to find the connections in the opposites and make them engage in a dialogue. Make them dance, grow apart, get close, play. My pieces are like a concoction that combines various elements, coming from diverse harbors and corners. They are collages, assemblages. But in the composition the elements are not independent. There is an interaction, they are interconnected through their shape, color, stains, textures, lines, distances…A conglomeration is created where this multiplicity has a relation and it is the conjunction of the elements that defines a whole, through which I intend to reflect my own world. My way of composing is seated in playful, instinctual bases. I go around smelling the colors and the elements of a homely landscape … Seeking for that “welcome home” feeling…


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    • University of Applied Sciences Trier, Dept. Gemstone and Jewellery Design. Idar Oberstein, DE. Currently MFA student
    • University of Applied Sciences Trier, Dept. Gemstone and Jewellery Design. Idar Oberstein, DE. One semester as exchange student
    • Massana School. Barcelona, ES. Bachelor in Artistic Jewelry Design
    • IUNA. National University of Fine Arts. Buenos Aires, AR. Fourth year at Restoration and Conservation of Artistic and Cultural Patrimony Degree
    • Jewellery Unchained. MAK – Austrian Museum of Applied Arts. Vienna, AT
    • Steinbeisser – Experimantal Gastronomy. Lloyd Hotel and Cultural Embassy, Amsterdam NE. Partcipation with a series of tableware made out of stone.
    • Sur o no Sur. Jewellery from Argentina. Organizer and curator, Melting Point, Valencia, ES.
    • BKV Prize 2015, Finalist candidate, Handwerkmesse Fair, IHM Munich, DE
    • A-stonish. Organizer. Inhorgenta and  Internationale Handwerkmesse Fair, Munich; Gem Fair Freiburg, Eunique Karlsruhe, DE, Melting Point, Valencia, ES.
    • Into the Woods – Interdisciplinary project. Organizer and curator. TIENDA PATRÓN, Buenos Aires, ARG.
    • International Contemporary Metal & Jewellery Art Exhibition 2015, THE CHINA MILLENNIUM MONUMENT WORLD ART MUSEUM, Beijin, CN
    • Transmission. STUDIO 411 GALLERY. Montpellier, FR
    • El patio de mi casa es particular. Solo exhibition. AMARANTO GALLERY. Barcelona, ES
    • BKV Prize 2015, Finalist candidate, Gallery Of Applied Arts, Munich, DE
    • Sur o no Sur. Jewellery from Argentina. Organizer and curator. SILVER FESTIVAL 2015. Legnica, PL
    • Naufragio. Altar for Contemporary Jewellery. Amaranto Gallery. Barcelona, ES
    • In Transit. Massana School exhibition. Cervantes Institute, Munich, DE
    • Spell of the Rebels. Current Obsession Co-Paper. Collaboration project. Munich, DE
    • BKV Prize 2014. Finalist candidate. Internationale Handwerksmesse Fair, IHM Munich, DE
    • Triple Mortal.“Petium” thesis selected to represent the Jewellery Department from Escola Massana. La Capella. Barcelona, ES
    • Sur o no Sur. Jewellery from Argentina. Organizer and curator. Silvestre Gallery. Tarragona, ES
    • En Singular. SALA PERILL. Barcelona, ES
    • Sur o no Sur. Jewellery from Argentina. Organizer and curator. Siesta Gallery, Barcelona, ES
    • Linia d´ Sortida. Escolamassana, Barcelona, ES
    • BKV Prize 2014, Finalist candidate, Gallery Of Applied Arts, Munich, DE
    • International Graduation Show. Marzee Gallery, Nijmegen, NL
    • Summer festival. Slavik Gallery, Vienna, AT
    • NSAIO 5. New Jewellery from Idar Oberstein. Landesvertretungrheinland-Pfalz, Berlin, DE
    • Approaches. European Jewellery Schools’ Exhibition. ESAD, Valencia, ES
    • Butterfly, curated by Phili Sajet, Natural Ciences Museum. Granollers, ES
    • Land-Escape. Beyond Fashion Gallery. Antwerp, BEL
    • Summer festival. Slavik Gallery, Vienna, AT
    • Reflex – Acción. Interdisciplinar collective interventions.2013, Barcelona, ES. An experiment that led to a surprising result merging photography, painting and jewelry in one place. Making an exhibition outside the boundaries of a gallery or traditional exhibition space ….
    • Joyas Sensacionales. Exhibitions as a collective between 2011 and 2013 in different locations of Spain and in Schwäbisch Gmünd, DE
    • Butterfly, curated by Phili Sajet, Amaranto Gallery, Barcelona, ES
    • National Amber Festival, Kinoki Galerie. San Cristóbal de las Casas, MX.
    • Klein & Becker. Working in the company at the fabrication of precision components made of crystals and ceramics for technical and investigation applications.
    • Axel Petry. Internship with the Schleifer Meister in Bruchweiler, DE.
    • Amaranto Joies. Barcelona, ES. Internship at the workshop and at the gallery
    • Maritime Museum. Barcelona, ES
      Internship at the Restoration Department
    • Latin American Art Institute. Buenos Aires National University. Architecture Department. Buenos Aires, AR. Conservation area responsible
    • British Embassy. Buenos Aires, AR
      Restoration of rock crystal chandeliers at the chancellery dining room
    • Villa Rina. Córdoba, AR. Restoration and chemical cleaning of marble sculptures.
    • National Museum of Decorative Arts. Buenos Aires, AR. Restoration department
    •  Oriental Arts Museum. Buenos Aires, AR, Restoration department
    • Bundesverbandes Kunsthandwerk e.V. Selected as Junior member.
    • Marzee Graduation Show. Selected for representing Jewellery Department from Escola Massana.
    • BKV Prize 2016. Finalist Candidate
    • BKV Prize 2015. Finalist Candidate
    • BKV Prize 2014 Finalist candidate
    • Deutschland Stipendium. Trier University
    • Nodes and Knots. Co-Working Panal 136.Buenos Aires, ARG.
    • Sur o no Sur. The Gallery of Art in Legnica. Legnica, PL
    • Sur o no Sur. Silvestre Gallery. Tarragona, ES
    • Petium. Silvestre Gallery. Tarragona, ES
    • Land-Escape. Beyond Fashion Gallery. Antwerp, BEL
    • “To The Point. Back of brooches”, by Daniela Malev
    • “New Necklaces”, by Nicolas Estrada. Promopress.
    • “SUR O NO SUR in Silver Festival”, exhibition Catalogue
    • “Current Obsession”, magazine, special edition
    • “Triple Mortal”, exhibition catalogue
    • Marzee Graduation Show, exhibition catalogue
    • “NSAIO 5- new jewellery from Idar Oberstein”, exhibition catalogue
    • “Petium”, Thesis Catalogue
    • Papallona/Mariposa/Butterfly- The Metaphore Of Life In Contemporary Jewellery, exhibition catalogue
    • “The Jewel Book”, Stitching Kunstboek
  • “New Earrings”, by Nicolas Estrada. Promopress.

    “Use A Book”, Libri Y Proggeti

    •  “Building the intangible”
      Simon Cotrell, Barcelona, ES
    •  “Joyas Sensacionales”
      Silvia Walz, Barcelona, ES
    • Perill Workshop, Barcelona, ES. Different workshops such as experimental projects on contemporary jewelry, use of porcelain and resins, enameling, wax casting
    • Massana School, Barcelona, ES. Special studies at contemporary jewelry techniques
    • National Institute of Techniques and Investigation, Buenos Aires, AR. Seminars on metal patinas, chemical exams on painting and non invasive intervention techniques on documents
    • Maria Medici Jewellery Design School. Buenos Aires, AR
    •  Jewellers Union Municipal School. Buenos Aires, AR
    • Traditional and Antique Techniques of Prehispanic Cultures Jewellery. San Cristóbal de las Casas, MX
    • Selection and sculpting of amber, filigree, lost wax, antique techniques of solder
    • Ariadne Stipendium and Landesstipendium. Scholarship
    • Deutschland Stipendium. Scholarship
    • Landesstipendium. Scholarship