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Vienna / Austria

Born in 1941

The feeling that I have created unique pieces of jewellery is, like self-knowledge, not something one can learn – it goes beyond that. My tools are merely a means of achieving self-knowledge.

Just as letters are symbols which are joined together to form sounds and ultimately language which can be communicated to others, I interpret my jewellery objects as signs of an inner instinct, of feelings and ideas which I, myself, have created and which I attempt to impart to others as well. In order to go beyond this attempt to be understood, I need to feel a certain degree of sensitive response on the part of those who are confronted with my work. My language is not codified. I constantly play with my means of expression and create new ones which develop out of impressions throughout my life – out of the way I perceive the present and past. My language – imagery – is formed from observations, reflections and experiences and perhaps also from my longings and desires. Themes and priorities can change in the process. What “concerns” me needs to be transported further, not in words, but by being fixed and made tangible – in pieces of jewellery as enduring signals – to be worn on the body. It is my wish that those who wear my jewellery will grasp my message and transmit my thoughts in my artistic language.

What is relevant and most important to me is the inner, really true value of the material I am using. It should show its true characteristics: a clear, provocative statement without any compromises. Tin is pliable, plastic colourful and gold as strong as steel.

In the most recent years I have been inspired by nature studies, in particular by studies of mountains. This body of work is reflecting the dramatic, constantly changing look of mountain landscapes. For the first brooches from 2013 I used paper and watercolours, since 2015 I am working with iron and industrial enamel.


1955 Began A Traditional Goldsmith Apprenticeship With Anton  Heldwein, A Well Known Jeweller In Vienna

1965 Took Charge Of Running The Workshop

1966 Took The Diploma

1967 Went To London And Worked There For Andrew Grima. Was In Charge Of Making A Watch Collection For Omega Which Was Exhibited At Goldsmiths Hall In 1970 And Also Shown In Several Other Countries

1969 Began To Work Free-Lance In London, Started To Experiment  With Acrylic In Combination With Gold And Silver

1970 Returned To Vienna And Had His First Exhibition In Salzburg

1971 Made The First Object In Acrylic And Brass

1972 Wall Objects In Acrylic And Aluminum

1974 Took Part In A Steel Symposium; Third Object In Steel And Acrylic

1975 Bought A Farmhouse Near Artstetten In Lower Austria, Restored It And Built His Studio There

1977 Worked On Metal Drawings In Silver And Gold

1979 Furniture Designs In Cooperation With Wiener Damaszierkunst In Vienna (Tables And Screens)

1980 Began To Experiment With Jewellery In Tin And Gold

1985 Opened A Workshop And Gallery In Vienna Together With  Three Other Artists, Used For Seminars And As An  „Intensivworkshop“

1986 Designed A Fountain Sculpture For The Council Square in Kagran, Vienna

1987 Temporarily Went Back To London Following An Invitation Of The Sir John Cass College Of Art And Started To Work On Forms And Structures In Gold And Silver Inspired By The Building Sites In The City. This Work Is Exhibited In The Victoria And Albert Museum, London | Guest Lecturer At The Royal College Of Art And Epsom  College

1988 Returned To Austria

1991 – 1998 Directed The Jewellery Design Workshop, Akademie Graz

1993 Monumental Jewellery Sculpture For The Villa De Bondt, Gent

1999 Initiative Of “Turning – Point“, An Exhibition Of 41 Austrian Jewellery – Artists



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    • Research Fellowship at the Sir John Cass Faculty of Arts, London

    • Fountain Sculpture for the Council Square in Kagran, Vienna
    • Working in London

    • Experimental Jewellery with acrylic in combination with gold and silver
    • Goldsmith apprenticeship
    • Received The Honorary Title Of Professor Through The Republic Of Austria
    • Austrian Design Award Acknowledgement
    • Prize At “Jablonec 87“
    • Prize “Diamanten Heute”, Munich

    • Prize From The Viennese Art Foundation

    • Prize At The International Jewellery Competition In The Jewellery Museum Pforzheim

    • Museum Of Applied Arts, Vienna
    • Ministry Of Art And Education, Vienna
    • Government Of Lower Austria
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      And In Various Privat Collections