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Florence / Italy

Born in 1985

Lavinia Rossetti is an Italian contemporary jewelry maker currently based in Florence . She holds an MFA in Contemporary Jewelry and Body Ornament from Alchimia Jewelry School in Florence, where she was mentored by the belgian designer Nedda El Asmar. She holds a BA in Art History with a special focus in Art jewellery from the University of Pisa, which was followed by a three-­‐year program in Contemporary Jewelry at Alchimia, where she was mentored by international artists such as Peter Bauhuis and Ruudt Peters.
She has been working as an assistant for Ralph Bakker in Rotterdam and as a teaching assistant for Peter Bauhuis in Alchimia.
She is currently teaching in the intensive courses in Alchimia and working in her own studio.

Her work revolves around and the notion of time expressed through repetitive movement and evocative materials. She creates movements with detailed and sophisticated elements, mobile structures that live with the body of the wearer.

Her work is hevily influenced by her background in art history. She take inspiration from archeological and antique jewellery and objects and she rework their meaning and function.



Art Galleries

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    • Second year of Master, Alchimia Contemporary School. Tutor: Nedda El-­‐Asmar
    • First year of Master, Alchimia Contemporary School. Tutor: Ruudt Peter
    • Second year of Achimia Contemporary Jewellery School. Tutor: Peter Bauhuis
    • First year of  Alchimia Contemporary Jewellery School, Firenze
    • Bachelor degree in Art History, University of Pisa
    • Madeleine, Galerie Hilde Metz, Antwerp
    • Florie Dupont, Lavinia Rossetti, Giulia Bonora, Caroline Van Hoek Gallery, B
    • Adornment‑ Venice in a Bottle,, Venice
    • Design Miami Basel, Caroline Van Hoek stand
    • Alchimia-­‐An antolohy, The society of Arts and Crafts, Boston
    • Joya Art Jewellery Fair-­‐ Alchimia Alumni Collective, Barcelona
    • Humans we are, Alchimia Contemporary Jewellery School Graduation Show, Florence
    • Joya Art Jewellery Fair-­‐Alchimia, Barcelona
    • Sieraad Jewellery Fair-­‐ Alchimia,  Amsterdam
    • Pattern, Marneri Gallery, Athens
    • Beginning Middle Endless, Florence-­‐Boston
    • Sieraad Jewellery Fair-­‐ Alchimia,  Amsterdam
    • Joya Art Jewellery Fair-­‐ Alchimia, Barcelona
    • Hazardous Experiments, Fabrika 12, Valencia
    • Ring, Ringe und nochmals Ringe, Galerie Mangold, Leipzig
    • Teacher assistant in the intensive co
    • Peter Bauhuis assistant in the second
    • Ralph Bakker assistent, Rotterdam