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Natsumi Kaihara profile picture

Tokyo / Japan

Born in 1982

I cherish the serenity obtained from concentration, during the process of creation. I’m alone, the knife and lathe are on my field of view.

Once one approaches an essence, it feels like it cuts ones breath, sensing the heart stopping. It’s a noble emotion.
When one approaches the shape’s essence, reflexes its sounds and the conscious harmony appears. I don’t hear its sounds, I feel its sounds.

Natsumi Kaihara


Tokyo, 2015



Art Galleries


    • Calres Codina’s Experience in studio/ Barcelona, Spain
    • Marc Monzó’s (Experience in studios)
    • Short Cycles (Advanced Vocational Training) in Artistic Jewellery, Massana Art School, Barcelona
    • Art Clay Silver’s Academy, Tokyo, Japan ­ Silversmith with Art Clay Silver
    • Art School, Tokyo, Japan ­ Oil painting technique
    • TOCOHA COLLECT,  at HAMON Gallery, in Tokyo, Japan.
    • Contemporary art jewelry exhibition vol.6, at Hankyu Umeda, in Osaka, Japan.
    • Galerie Noel Guyomarc’h/ Silence Please!/ Montreal, Canada
    • Instituto Cervantes, Munich/ En Tránsito
    • Arts Santa Mónica/ Joya Barcelona
    • Context, Barcelona/ Minimum Jewellery
    • l’Escola Massana Barcelona/ Linia de sortida
    • Galerie Marzee, Holanda/ Marzee Graduate Show 2014
    • El Born Cultural Center, Barcelona/ Futur Excel·lent
    • EASD Art and design school, Valencia/ Approaches
      European Jewellery School’s Exhibition
    • Massana Art School, Barcelona/ URBAN PROCESSES
    • FAD, Barcelona/ Jewelry week Barcelona/ Joya & D.O Espai Cavas Nadal
    • Massana Art School, Barcelona/ In progress
    • Alchimia award/ Joya Barcelona
    • Special Award Applied Arts/ Massana Art School, Barcelona