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Idar-Oberstein / Germany

Born in 1982

Born in Taipei, Taiwan, presently lives and works in Idar-Oberstein, Deutschland.

Based on her life history and illness experiences, Ou Jiun-You cares about the fine

line between effectiveness and ineffectiveness. Thus, her concerns reflected in her

work often refer to a binary system.

Her ongoing project is inspired by bricolage defined by anthropologist Claude

Lévi-Strauss. Under this approach, she builds her mythology by making objects from

waste metal as well as concentrates on the connections between intuition and the

working method. Furthermore, a triple project: (in)effective, took place in 2014, is her

attempt to broaden the working method from an object-making to a space-arranging


Since 2015, her residency in U.S. and the stay in Idar-Oberstein, Deutschland, have

brought her attention to the relations within the space. By recalling the awareness in

her memory, whether presence or absence has become unreliable evidence for time, a

weakened form of narration. Moreover, in the summer of 2016, she is going to

develop another triple project in Taiwan, as a continuation but also a refraction of her

movements in the past few years.



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    • Trained by NTCRI in various techniques:stone carving, enameling, aluminum anodizing and 3D prints.
    • Completion of Jewelry Making Training, Bureau of Employment and Vocational Training, Taiwan.
    • Bachelor’s degree in International Relations, Department of Political Science, National Taiwan University (NTU), Taipei, Taiwan
    • “Idar-Oberstein: OU Jiun-You Solo Exhibition”, Nanhai Gallery/ CC Gallery/435 Art Studio, Taipei, Taiwan
  • “(in)effective: OU Jiun-You Solo Exhibition”, mad L/ wolong 29/ 435 Art

    Studio, Taipei, Taiwan

    • “Transition|White Objects “, KingCar Cultural and Art Center, Taipei, Taiwan
    • KORU5, Imatra Art Museum/ Vaasa Art Hall/ Kuopio Art Museum, Imatra/Vassa/ Kuopio, Finland
    • Inner Crease – Radiant Pavilion: Melbourne Contemporary Jewelery and Object Trail, Upstairs at the Napier, Melbourne, Australia
    • The 6th New Traditional Jewelry: Confrontations, the 13th sieraad/MMKA, Amsterdam/Arnhem, Netherlands
    • The 66th Internationale Handwerksmesse München– TALENTE 2014, Munich, Germany
    • Beijing International Jewelry Art Biennial, China Millennium Monument, Beijing, China
    • The 6th Tallinn Applied Art Triennial Art of Collecting , Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design (ETDM), Tallinn, Estonia
    • “435 Art Studio”, Cultural Affairs Department of New Taipei City, Taiwan.
    • Instructor of metalsmithing at National Taichung Agricultural Senior High School, Taiwan.
    • The 16th selected artist for international residency and communication project of Ministry of Culture: Anderson Ranch Art Center and New York City
    • 103-2 regular grants, National Culture and Arts Foundation, Taiwan
    • TALENTE Prize, TALENTE 2014, Germany
    • Anderson Ranch Arts Center/New York City residency by the Ministry of Culture, Taiwan
    • “435 Art Studio”, Cultural Affairs Department of New Taipei City, Taiwan.
    • Metal studio of ceramic technique promotion center in Yingge, NTCRI, Taiwan