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Munich / Germany

Born in 1984

Black and white, open and closed, here and there.

The more I think about opposites, the more I am pushed into thinking about what exists between both points. Where is the boundary? Is it possible to pinpoint where light becomes dark, where right becomes wrong? I am trying to answer these questions by making.

As I think and make with my hands, I have come to realise that I am interested in edges, the periphery, where one element becomes another. Where defined concepts blend into each other and become undefinable, somewhere on the edge of light and dark, day and night, the known and what we don’t know. It can be difficult to explain this grey area, and it sometimes makes me feel uncomfortable, but it is precisely this discomfort that can lead to new discoveries.

My process is an investigation in this unknown space. Only by working with my hands and keeping my mind open can I find answers.



Art Galleries

Color Triciclo Gallery
Galerie Marzee
Galerie Rob Koudijs
Gallery Funaki


    • Akademie der Bildenden Künste, Munich, Germany
    • Degree in Artistic Jewellery, Escola Massana, Barcelona, Spain
    • BA(Hons) in Russian and Spanish, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK
    • 6The Earth is moving, exhibition at Amaranto Joies, Barcelona.
    • Schmuck 17 Selection by Christian Hoedl
      Munich, Germany
    • Balanced Tension
      Galerie Beyond, Antwerp, Belgium
    • 10-year-Anniversary Selection by Rob Koudijs
      KunstRAI Art Fair, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    • The material thought at Radiant Pavilion Melbourne Contemporary Jewellery and Object Trail
    • Talente 2016
      IHM München; Munich, Germany
    • Artist in Residence Show
      Glasgow School of Art, UK
    • Joya: la inspiración en el pasado (Jewellery: Inspiration in the Past)
      Museum of Human Evolution; Burgos, Spain
    • 2016 Mari Funaki Award for Contemporary Jewellery
      Gallery Funaki, Melbourne, Australia
    • Versus
      Color Triciclo Gallery, Barcelona, Spain
    • Elements 2
      Edinburgh, Scotland
    • International Graduate Marzee Exhibition
      Galerie Marzee; Nijmegen, the Netherlands
    • Intern at Amaranto Joies (jewellery gallery), Barcelona, Spain
    • Working as an in-house and freelance translator
    • Artist in Residence at the Glasgow School of Art