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Strasbourg / France

Born in 1989

The making of this piece of jewelry is inspired by cell mitosis. The modular process used to produce its shape, and the interactivity of materials chosen, bring forth the idea of a living organism.
The materials I use are picked in order to allow me to work despite the constraints of my disease. (EG: CHRONES) Being able to work outside of the studio was definitely the most important part of this process, and textile became one of the most obvious choices of material to use during my creative process.

I am using this process to create objects to represent parts of the human body (see the seven meter necklace which represents the digestive tract), sometimes to symbolize the concept of the inflammation), or to even question our relationship with our own body and others’.

Even if we can find cathartic meaning in my pieces of jewelry, I consider them more interactive artefacts designed to help you feel your own body and to instigate discussion and thus interpersonal communication.



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  • Master Degree in Art at HEAR Strasbourg, France
    Higher National Diploma in Visual Studies – major in Jewellery (teachers Sophie Hanagarth, Florence Lehmann) – 5 years
    With Highest Honors

  • Erasmus Exchange – ESCOLA MASSANA, Barcelona, Spain

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Art at HEAR Strasbourg, France
    Visual arts National Diploma – Major in Jewellery – 3 years
    With Honors

    • “Perception”, Studio 411 Galery, Montpellier, FRANCE
    • “European Price for Applied Art” by World Craft Council Bf, Mons, BELGIUM
    • “Omnia Vanitas” by World Craft Council Bf, Mons, BELGIUM
    • “Les Eaux Arborantes” en collaboration avec Les Liquides Imaginaires, Espace Oppidum, Paris – Actually available at L’Éclaireur, rue Boissy d’Anglas, Paris 8, FRANCE
    • “JOYA”, International Art Jewelry Fair, Barcelona, SPAIN
    • “Révélations”, International  Applied Art Fair, Grand Palais, Paris, FRANCE
    • “Autor 13”, International Contemporary Jewelry Fair, Bucharest, ROUMANIA
    • “Gioielli in Fermento”, Torre Fornello Vineyard, ITALY
    • “Talente 2015”, International Handwerksmesse, Munich, GERMANY
    • “Territoires de l’innovation”, Institut National des Métiers d’Art, Paris, FRANCE
    • “Les 5 Eléments: Opus 2 l’Eau”, Pôle Bijou, Baccarat, FRANCE
    • “Imprints – The permanent”, Alliages galerie, Lille., FRANCE
    • “The Parallel Worlds”, Alliages galerie, Lille.
    • “Our Senses Upside Down”, Europartvision, Strasbourg, FRANCE
    • “Celtic Jewellery – From treasures to creations”, Museum of Haguenau, FRANCE
    • “Aproximaciones”, Melting Point, EASD Valencia, SPAIN
    • “Faux Lumes”, European Center of Contemporary Art Actions (CEAAC), Strasbourg, FRANCE
    • Street Performance with Bórax08001 – Jewellery displaced (Bórax and Friends: with 30 international Jewellery Designers) Paris, FRANCE
    • “PARADE(S)”, Palais Royal, Paris, FRANCE
    • Council of Europe, Strasbourg, FRANCE
    • Young Creation Awards of Ateliers d’Art de France
    • Gioielli in Fermento: Torre Fornello First Price
  • Finalist at “ Grand Prix de la Création de la ville de Paris”

  • with Erik Halley, Jewellery Designer, Paris, FRANCE

  • with Christophe MARGUIER, Artist, Strasbourg, FRANCE