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Charlotte Daffern







My work is a multi-faceted and ambiguous realisation of my erudition,
perception of culture and personal experiences. My investigations
inform new enquiries which develop my progression and understanding
of the world around me. I enjoy the juxtaposition of various elements
and concepts that compliment and contradict each other such as irreverence
with sophistication and exorbitance with rebellion. This results in an
equivocality that spans a range of discourse subject matters relating to
gender, fashion, sociology, culture and history.

My current body of work explores the notion of what it is to be British
and which stereotypes evolve from British culture. I aim to incite a revival
of nostalgic glamour and deportment in contrast with an insurgent and
contemporary style. A sense of humour and a naivety is a common thread
within my work and is employed to bring into light the importance of a range
of discourse concerns. This culmination of opposing concepts and visual
references is intending to convey further the assumed idiosyncrasy and
whimsicality of ‘Britishness.’