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Frank Verkade / Paradise


A development of the human body – welcome to Paradise!

The Dutch artist Frank Verkade creates hybrids where organic and mechanic expressions are amalgamated. Jewellery androids that becomes an extension, an adornment or maybe even a development of the human body.

Verkade explore the intimate relationship between body and object. His work is strongly influenced by his experience as a gymnast, using elements of balance, movement and grip to create shape and tactile experiences. His hand made objects are shaped directly on the body, which serves as both scene of display as well as origin of the form. The shape of the work forces the wearer to explore undiscovered experiences and postures. Evolving in shape and scale the pieces grow from an extension of the body into anatomies of their own.


Paradise is a term used to describe a place or state of timeless harmony and beauty. The word originates from the Iranian language Avestan, where pairidaēza means “a wall enclosing a garden or orchard”. The enclosed abode has been visualised throughout history, mainly connected to the Garden of Eden, which symbolises the human creation and their fall from grace.
Weather connected to religion or not the term Paradise echoes utopian realms of humanity living as one with nature.

Paradise is an on-going research of wearable objects. The shape, construction and movement reference a natural origin but the human, animal and plant characteristics are morphed into new creatures of paradise.

Opening: November 11th, 17-21

The exhibition runs until: December 10th



Nordhemsgatan 74
41309 Göteborg