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International Summer Academy 2017 / Campus Idar-Oberstein


For the third time the Trier University of Applied Sciences opens its workshops to jewellery designers and students. In eight different workshops the participants will be able to discover new artistic horizons and/or techniques and implement those into their own artistic creations. The two week programme gives you the option to choose your own focus and participate either in one course only or to take part in two workshops.

The workhops will be held by artists from Australia, Belgium, Czech Republic, Estonia, Germany and Portugal. In addition to the workshops there will be options to do excursions to jewellery merchants, as well as visits to the agate and coppermines within the Idar-Oberstein area. All in all the International Summer Academy tries to create grounds for exchanges between participants, enabling them to integrate their experiences regarding the new and the old, the regional and the global into their jewellery creations.



CAD: Digital artisanship with Tanja Falkenhayner.

  • Date: 21st – 25th of August | duration: 5 days, 35 hrs
  • Participants: min.6 / max. 8
  • Language: English and German
  • 1 workshop = 625 € (students 475 €)
  • 2 workshops = 1100 € (students 800 €)

3D Design has become an established procedure in all modern manufacturing processes. In this workshop, I wish to introduce this fascinating tool to jewellers. We will work with the software programmes RHINOCEROS and SCULPTRIS. I will introduce the freedoms of computer-aided modelling and the artistic possibilities offered by these applications. RHINOCEROS, a construction programme for high dimensional accuracy, offers a number of tools for the design and variation of free forms. Due its sculptural approach, SCULPTRIS is a useful supplement to the conceptual work in RHINOCEROS. The workshop will discuss the differences and strengths of both programmes. I will showcase the interaction of different tools and the application of commands on participants’ own projects. We will have access to a 3D printer (FORM 1+). The designed objects can be printed immediately in plastic.
Previous knowledge in 3D Design is not necessary.



PUK: Micro welding with Petr Dvorak.

  • Date: 21st – 25th of August | duration: 5 Days, 30 Hrs
  • participants: min. 6 / max. 10
  • language: German, English and Czech
  • 1 workshop = 625 € (students 475 €)
  • 2 workshops = 1100 € (students 800 €)


From the jewellery-design perspective, the PUK invention has brought a tremendous expression enrichment together with new technical and technological workflows. Not only various materials such as titanium, steel, niobium and aluminum can be welded, but also welded joints can be found in the immediate vicinity of stone, glass, plastic and wood.
The five-day workshop includes a theoretical and practical introduction to the handling of the PUK device with different metals and other materials.
Each participant has his own equipment, so that his own ideas can be realized. The PUK devices used in the workshop are generously provided by:




Gemstones: Cut, grind, polish with Alexander Friedrich.

  • Date: 21th -25th of Augustus  | duration: 5 days, 30 hrs
  • Participants: max. 6
  • Language: english and german
  • 1 workshop = 625 € (students 475 €)
  • 2 workshops = 1100 € (students 800 €)


Fascination gemstone.
The workshop will give you an introduction to lapidary. In the foreground is a practical understanding of various processing techniques of precious stones like cutting and faceting. Besides, you will learn how to saw, to drill and to engrave. We will start with a general introduction of the theory of the craft and gemology. Also we visit local stone dealers, where everyone can buy their own raw stones, which we will use for our practical work. Open conversations within the group will help to share experiences and to push ideas forward. The aim of the course is to get a general insight of this special technique and to combine the new skills with your own designs.


Metal: Cast in, cast out and cast away with Peter Vermandere.

  • Dates: 21st – 25th of August | duration: 5 Days, 35 Hrs
  • Participants: min. 6 / max. 12
  • Language: english, german and flamish
  • 1 workshop = 625 € (students 475 €)
  • 2 workshops = 1100 € (students 800 €)
  • Extra costs for material: 40€


Insignia for everyday life.
Starting from a single personal inspirational point we will look how our idea will be transformed and altered by the techniques we use. We will explore diffenrent ways of molding and casting: carving direct molds in stone, rubber and plaster gives a different result. We will use these same molds and models for further development through sand casting and lost wax casting. We will be using pewter, aluminium, bronze, alpaca, brass and silver.


Stones: Geological experiences with Patricia Domingues.

  • Date: 28th of August – 1st of September | duration: 5 Days, 30 Hrs
  • participants: min. 6 / max. 10
  • language: english, spanish and portuguese
  • 1 workshop = 625 € (students 475 €)
  • 2 workshops = 1100 € (students 800 €)


Geological experiences – stone, concept and material.
The landscape that we thoughtfully look at and build our dreams and expectations on, is mainly formed by stones. They are the essence of the natural world, and make up the foundation of all continents and mountains. But in a world ruled by human hands, stones have also been one of the main materials for the creation of cities, houses and monuments as well as tools for the making of objects and jewellery.
Idar-Oberstein, a place well-known for stoneworking, is replete with ateliers that are still working and exploring this millennium’s stone carving and faceting techniques. Surrounded by various mines and an unspeakably stunning landscape, Idar-Oberstein is per se a geological wonder and a place where different times and realities collide, the geological and the human.
Within this context “Geological experiences – stone, concept and material” intends to explore the artistic processes and different approaches regarding the relationship between man, stone and the landscape.

Catalogue: Graphic design workshop with Laura Jack.

  • Date: 28th of Augustus – 1st of September | duration: 5 days, 30 hrs
  • Participants: min. 6 / max. 8
  • Language: English
  • 1 workshop = 625 € (students 475 €)
  • 2 workshops = 1100 € (students 800 €)

Over the course of the week, students will be introduced to a range of Adobe software to create their own portfolio/catalogue. This course is useful for any artist or maker needing to know the basics of creative software to better present documentation of their own work in a more professional way, or anyone with a curiosity and general interest in 2 dimensional design. Students will be exploring Illustrator, Indesign and Photoshop to execute their ideas whilst learning the basics of typography and layout design.
Materials & Tools: Come with high resolution images and relating text of your own work that you wish to include in your catalogue.

Brooch mechanism: Two sides – one story with Daniela Malev.

  • Date: 28th of August – 1st of September | duration: 5 Days, 35 Hrs
  • Participants: min. 6 / max. 10
  • Language: English, Spanish and German
  • 1 workshop = 625 € (students 475 €)
  • 2 workshops = 1100 € (students 800 €)

A workshop about finding appropriate needle solutions for brooches.
In the field of contemporary jewellery the brooch is the most common and also much discussed form of jewellery. One of the special challenges of making a good brooch is to find an adequate solution for the needle. This is because the needle is that which connects the piece securely to the body but also goes beyond being a mere functional and invisible backside. It should be an essential part of the brooch in terms of form, meaning and aesthetics. In the workshop we will execute different exercises for needle-making techniques and thought processes around fastening problem solving, and what a needle can be. Please bring different materials and fragments which you would like to turn into a brooch.

Colour: Titanium with Maarja Niinemägi.

  • Date: 28th of August – 1st of September | duration: 5 days, 35 hrs
  • Participants: min. 6 / max. 10
  • Language: English and Estonian
  • 1 workshop = 625 € (students 475 €)
  • 2 workshops = 1100 € (students 800 €)

The most colourful metal. Titanium and its anodizing.
How to evoke colours from the metal, which at first view, looks grey?
When using the electrolysis, it is possible to make light and the most colourful metal jewellery.
In this workshop, everyone will make their own anodized titanium colour scale and through this will learn how to use an anodizing kit, the different possibilities to colour titanium, and which alkaline to use. Each person will experiment using at least 2-3 different alkaline.
Other experiments with titanium included are: sawing, cold connection, riveting, banding and spot welding.
The outcome is for each person to make an art piece out of anodized titanium. It is also possible to combine with other materials if desirable, depending on time.


Tanja Falkenhayner, Petr Dvorak, Alexander Friedrich, Laura Jack, Patricia Domingues, Peter Vermandere, Daniela Malev, Maarja Niinemägi


1 workshop = 625 € (students 475 €)
2 workshops = 1100 € (students 800 €)

The workshop fee covers the cost of:
Participation in a course with instruction by a qualified artist.
Use of studio and equipment during class hours.
Attendance at various in-house events organised by the International Summer Academy 2016.
It does not cover the cost of necessary materials or excursions.

After registration you will receive 3 e-mails:
Confirmation of your online-registration (please check your issued data!),
Your invoice and details of our bank account – payment is due within 2 weeks after the date of the invoice (in case of delayed payment, we will hand on your reserved place to the next applicant).
After payment of the invoice your reservation will be confirmed.
Courses may be booked only for their full duration.

In case of cancellation:
More than 14 days before schuster-nicole-schuster-nicole-beginning-2016-2016 of the workshop, 30 percent of the workshop fee will be retained to cover processing costs, within 14 days before schuster-nicole-schuster-nicole-beginning-2016-2016 of the workshop, a  refund of the course fee is possible only in cases of proven force majeure* (illness, accident, death in family).
After a course has begun there is no refund.
* In cases of force majeure, cancellation should be notified immediately, with written proof of the reasons for cancellation. Other reasons (dissatisfaction, programme changes) do not entitle  to a refund.

The International Summer Academy 2015 is not liable for accidents, theft or any kind of damage which take place during tuition. The participant is advised to provide a personal health, travel and a liability insurance.

Security measures:
Students must be aware that allergenic substances, such as oil-paints, may be used in classes, and are responsible for taking their own health measures.
Entrance to the International summer Academy premises is restricted to students, teachers and members of ISA staff. Other visitors have access to classes only after checking in at the office, and accompanied by ISA staff. Exceptions are the open-house presentations.

Artists on this Event

Tanja Falkenhayner
Petr Dvorak
Alexander Friedrich
Peter Vermandere
Laura Jack
Daniela Malev
Maarja Niinemägi


CAD: Digital artisanship with Tanja Falkenhayner. PUK: Micro welding with Petr Dvorak Gemstones: Cut, grind, polish with Alexander Friedrich Metal: Cast in, cast out and cast away with Peter Vermandere Stones: Geological experiences with Patricia Domingues Catalogue: Graphic design workshop with Laura Jack Brooch mechanism: Two sides – one story with Daniela Malev Colour: Titanium with Maarja Niinemägi


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