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Light in motion, reflections, mirrors and colour

We are right now in the eye of the storm of autumn colours here in Göteborg, and very soon we will be happy to welcome the Japanese/German artist Jiro Kamata to Four.
In connection to the opening of his exhibition, the Hnoss initiative and IASPIS hosts a seminar, CODE C, where Jiro is one of the speakers. The theme is colour and jewellery and will also include lectures with for example Carina Shoshtary and Daniel Kruger.
“For me the light is a living thing. It is moving everywhere, getting stronger or weaker, changing colour… actually people are wearing light, but most of us don’t realize it.”
Jiro Kamata works with glass. The inorganic material is brought to life by the light refractions. Beams are captured, reshaped and transmitted to the wearer of the piece. The colours, shapes and shadows are affected by the perspective – an interaction between material, environment and receiver.
Kamata’s new work are made using dichroic mirror, a material that is used in optical applications and architecture. The mirrors have a filter that let some light colours pass through while reflecting others.
“I was fascinated by the material’s unusual colour reflections and knew immediately that I wanted to make jewellery with it.”


Opening: October 7th, 17-21
The exhibition runs until: November 5th

 CODE C: Seminar about jewellery and colour, 8th of October at Konstepidemin.
More info and registration here:
Hope to see you
/ Karin and Four

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