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Love Jewels


Smitten Collective, existing of the two young jewellery designers Billie Van Nieuwenhuyzen and Juan Harnie, are invited by internationally renowned gallery Multiple in Hasselt, Belgium to curate their summer expo this year. (16 July – 15 September)

This expo ‘Love Jewels’ is about love, sex, fertility, passion, fetish, nudity… These exciting subjects have been portrayed in the arts since the dawn of time. Although the depiction of sexuality has been done for ages, there’s still a taboo on, as well as a strong attraction to- wards it. Looking at images of sexuality brings up different, sometimes contrasting emotions such as shame, arousal, repulsion and confusion. The depiction of sexuality evolves togeth- er with the ever-changing societies and social structures. That’s why Smitten Collective, a contemporary jewellery platform, would like to show what’s current and living amongst our fellow jewellery artists and how they portray the subject of ‘sexuality’. The term ‘sexuality’ is broad and includes so many aspects; LGBTQ, gender, love, abuse, monogamy, obsession, lust, and so on…

What are we looking for?

– Around 10 (international) jewellery designers whose work relates to our concept. – Multiple gallery shows work in different price categories and we really want to make contemporary jewellery accessible to everybody. Therefor we want to show serial work and unique pieces next to each other.

How many pieces?

– Min 5 and max 10 (depending of the kind and size of jewellery)


– We prefer wearable pieces with a price range around €150 or lower.
– Maximum of €500.

What do you need to send us?

– A brief text explaining your concept. – A short bio and CV about you (address, age, education, website, expo’s…) – At least one good image per jewellery piece. If there is more than one variation on the same piece we would like images of each one. The images must be of a good quality and ready for different promotion purposes, print, web and so on. More pictures = more sharing/promoting ! – Info on the pieces: Size (in cm), materials, artist price and recommended retail price (in euro).


You can send us the required info through mail until 6 May. *

When selected, you will need to get your work to us before 20 June.
(shipping address and arrangements will be communicated later)

Artists on this Event