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Hanna Af Ekström








I have an artistic background in sculpture and graphics and
has a bachelor’s degree in jewelry art. ?I’m  now studing design
at master level at HDK, School of Design and Crafts in Gothenburg.
In my jewelry its hidden symbolism and stories that the wearer herself may interpret.
Generally, I  don´t  work with collections, I rather  complement
and develop my jewelry  than to launch collections for trends or seasons.
I want to preserve quality and tradition with my jewelry and calls
for reflection on the current consumption.??I grew up on an island in the
northern archipelago of Gothenburg, where much of my inspiration
comes from. My work is inspired by Art Nouveau and the artist
Aubrey Beardsley illustrations. Other things that also inspire me is beautiful
antiques, psychedelic rock posters from the 60s, Gothenburg Romance and the sea.
I work with black level shift and nuance. I work graphically with the jewelry and
let the skin or the color of the shirt contrast with the black jewelry. In a distinct way,
non-precious materials such as iron and boatropes gives shape to my jewelry.
The language of form and clarity of jewelry is more important than precious gems and metals.

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