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Katharina Moch











Currently studying an MA in Jewellery, Silversmithing and Related Products

I am creating flamboyant sculptural one-of-a-kind pieces which embody the combination
of the ambivalent aspects of appeal and repulsion; jewellery which attracts attention, pieces
that catch the eye and demand self-confidence and conviction to wear. Pieces that push the boundaries
of what I have learned about jewellery. I have developed my work into a direction which people
spontaneously won’t find just beautiful, rather repellent and maybe shocking. With my contradictory
pieces I try to blur the boundaries between beautiful and ugly in order to engage and tease viewers by evoking
dualistic feelings, I find it exciting and thrilling to play with these feelings. It seems that at first there is some
kind of barrier between the viewer and the piece which creates curiosity and challenges the viewer to engage
and discover, simultaneously leaving space for individual and personal interpretation.

Due to a playful approach and my inclination for experimentation, spontaneity and the dynamic of intuitive
working are used to create a range of elements which are then assembled to design flamboyant sculptural pieces.

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