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Katrin Spranger

My current work, “Best Before” a science fiction narrative, is drawing a dystopic picture of the future and refers to consumption and depletion of resources. It deals with questions what jewellery will look like in the future and what kind of materials and value perception we might have after this. Due to crude oil depletion, the material turns into a valuable jewellery matter like gold. The last drops of oil are extracted in order to experience a final consumption.
Communicating the relationship between past, present and future, the jewellery pieces are developed with shapes referring to disposable goods, reflecting our consumer culture today, and melt with traditional jewellery elements from the past. Furthermore, I combined gold with oil because both have common characteristics.
Acting as symbols for power and wealth, gold has been consequently treasured for its everlasting properties whereas oil has been valued for its endless consuming abilities. Mining gold and extracting crude oil both cause severe environmental problems and sometimes even human violence such as war.
Telling a story about depletion, the work is executed in the same way. As soon as a jewellery piece is worn, oil parts are slowly changing, melting and eventually collapsing through body temperature and movement. Golden holding structures remain, nevertheless they still communicate loss.
The work is meant to be thought-provoking; it can be seen as an invitation towards initiating a discussion about new solutions for the future.


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