Dedicated Place for Art Jewellery & Objects


Lore Van Keer

My project is about being mentally and physically locked up.

The creations stem from the idea that every human being consists of one physical person and a multitude of emotional personalities.

In both cases you can create a space in which your thoughts and inner life are put in place.

In my work, I equate emotions and the diversity of emotional personalities with spaces. There are moments when we allow people to enter those spaces; and there are others when we close off the spaces and anxiously keep them shut.
In the same way, emotions can create both a feeling of openness and of isolation.

Bearing in mind that every feeling you experience is pure, you can create a private space to harbor each feeling. This private space is subject to your feelings at any given time and can therefore be either fragile or solid, either transparent or opaque.
Either way, every feeling, every emotion is pure at all times, just like porcelain.
Porcelain is a material that combines the elements of both solidity and fragility.  Porcelain has a memory of its own, which is, just like emotion, indelible and impossible to ignore.

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