Late Arrival

Published by Ou Jiun-You | Monday 08 May, 2017

I have a five months stay in the department of jewellery and blacksmithing, Estonian Academy of Arts (Ehte- ja sepakunst, Eesti Kunstiakadeemia/EAA). Originally, I did would like to develop some jewellery since I like the works from the team õhuLoss very much for years. However, my late arrival made me can only take part in some blacksmithing workshops and courses at that time. But when I look back, I realize this is exactly the reason made me have seen totally different scenes.

The smithy of the department is at Port Noblessner that is about 15 mins walk from Tallinn old town. I like the gray-blue sky and the humid wind along the coast. So if the weather was not bad, I usually walked there and just this short walk had already made me happy.

Although I have a few experiences of working in sculpture studio, working in smithy is the first time. So basically I have to learn everything from the beginning. How to start a fire, how to choose a proper tong or how to work with hot materials…etc, each of them would decide how much you can reach in a working day. Sometimes I really did nothing but still enjoyed it a lot.

Working with iron is entirely different from working on the bench or stone working. The physical character of it makes you have to be aware of what your body can/can’t do.

Especially after 9 years of my surgery, knowing how much my body can do is really meaningful to me.

Besides, since I have been working with the content bricolage that was proposed by French anthropologist Claude Lévi-Strauss for several years, I am always interested in the relations within objects or between space and objects. So when I started to work in the smithy, I felt this place is exactly a perfect scene for bricolage. It is always full of things and they could also be part of the solutions in some day. When I work here, I feel like I am also working with the flexibilities and potential functionalities with the elements within this space.

I also feel grateful that I have opportunities to learn from these admirable artists: Nils Hint (EE), Timmo Lember (EE), Zach Lihatsh (US) and Fred Truus (EE). Especially I would like to thank Fred Truus most, his professionalism and generosity made my final project much more complete than I originally expected. Without their supports, I don’t think any piece would be done successfully. I think I can’t find a proper word for most of the moments but feel truly humble as well as motivated. I just want to say: thank you, to all the faculty and colleagues from the department.

Thank you for reading.